Haukeland University Hospital Children's Hospital - swimming pool
Warm water pool for therapy, play and training at Bergen hospital

Swimming pools and aquatic centres make special demands on the architect

Swimming pools are a special type of construction, where our concrete experience from numerous swimming pool projects is a great advantage to create the optimal project in cooperation with our client. We have been designing swimming pools, pools and aquatic centres for several decades, both stand-alone swimming pools and Malik swimming pool in Greenland, halls in connection with other buildings which AdO Arena at Amalie Skrams Skole, and integrated pools as at Haukeland Hospital.

AdO arena jumping pool_highlight
Spring pool in the swimming pool AdO arena

Users decide if the swimming pool will be a success

To be sure that the new swimming pool will be a success in practice, it is a clear advantage to identify the needs of users. At the same time, it is important to think ahead so that the swimming pool can easily respond to new needs as they arise.

User processes not only provides insights, it is also an effective way to inform and create goodwill for the upcoming construction project.

We can tailor a programme according to needs and budget, and organise material for subsequent fund applications if external funds need to be raised to finance a new aquatic centre, as here in Sisimiut

Øbro swimming pool entrance
Øbro swimming pool in Copenhagen

How to design the right swimming pool?

It is rare that all wishes for the new water culture house can be fulfilled without breaking financial and physical limits. Thanks to our solid knowledge of user types, usage patterns, operating costs and synergies in the swimming pool context, we can effectively help outline different scenarios and make recommendations based on your wishes and budget.

We are happy to produce a sketch project that makes it easy for non-architects to consider a potential new swimming pool. Of course, we can also design and supervise the construction of the swimming pool. Contact us for a no-obligation chat about your swimming pool project.


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