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Pihl and Son

Mission - unlocking the full potential of every project

As experts in architecture and construction, we help you realise the full potential of your building project. Based on the users and the context, we create unique, functional and long-lasting architecture. You benefit from 75 years of experience combined with a constant search for new solutions, materials and concepts. We always challenge ourselves to get the best out of each project and give you the solutions you didn't know you wanted. 

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KHR Partner Leaders 2022

Management - together for good architecture

KHR Architecture is owned and led by CEO Lars Kragh, Technical Director Henrik Danielsen, Creative Director Janina Zerbe and Creative Director Mikkel Beedholm, Design Director Torben Juul and Director of Client Services Peter Nielsen. The management's main focus is to create the best framework conditions for creating outstanding architecture and a good workplace for employees.

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Dialogue and user involvement

Client and users - together we create good architecture

Architecture is created by people for people, based on a good and ongoing dialogue. We have extensive experience of stakeholder analysis and user involvement tailored to the specific project.  

Our clients come from both the private and public sectors, and our projects range from educational institutions and healthcare buildings to commercial and residential buildings.   

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Work in the architectural firm by the water

Team - 60 dedicated specialists in architecture and construction

KHR is an architectural firm with approximately 60 dedicated specialists distributed among architects, architectural technologists, engineers and supporting functions in HR, finance and service. 

Every project is unique, so while we naturally draw on our long experience, we always start from scratch to create the best solution in close dialogue with our client and across disciplines. Needs can change quickly, and our architectural solutions take that into account. In this way, we support the social and environmental sustainability of construction and ensure good architecture that lasts.

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University of Odense SDU

History - frontrunner for modern Danish architecture since 1946 

KHR Architecture was founded in 1946 by Gunnar Krohn and E. Hartvig Rasmussen - hence the three initials KHR, which have stuck ever since. Then as now, the focus is on creating functional and innovative architecture with an unwavering focus on the users and the context of the building.

It all started with the design of the Atlas machine factory, which was strongly inspired by post-war American factory buildings. KHR became a pioneer of new Danish architecture inspired by international trends, but adapted to the local context. The crowning achievement was University of Odense in 1971, whose structural expression and level of detail set new standards for the architecture of the time. 

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