The beautifully curved swimming pool serves as a new cultural and social meeting place in Nuuk and won a gold medal in the 2005 Olympics in sports construction. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS) awarded the prize.

Nuuk Municipality
3000 ㎡
DKK 90 M
Gold medal in the 2005 Olympics in sports construction

Glass facade facing the bay draws light into Malik swimming pool

The main entrance to the Malik swimming pool is located in the northern corner of the building - on the leeward side of the prevailing south-easterly wind direction. The pool room is flanked to the northwest by the changing rooms and to the northeast by the café and staff rooms. The orientation of the glass section towards the bay allows the sunlight to be used deep inside the swimming pool. In winter, the sun, as it emerges from behind the mountain of Store Malene, will shine into the room, just as the snow- and ice-covered bay will reflect the light under the roof.

A hall with five facades

The swimming pool is built on a coastal site in the district of Nuussuaq and represents a new cultural and social meeting place in Nuuk. The building is perceived from the outside as a large undulating roof shape, growing out of the landscape and opening towards the south and the magnificent view of the fjord. Towards the surrounding and elevated urban area, the roof form forms the identifiable "fifth facade".

"The building expresses itself as an exciting and informal setting around a pool that inspires the broad use of the swimming pool for health, play and competition."

Mikkel Beedholm, Architect and Partner, KHR Architecture


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