Kirsebærhaven on the outskirts of Copenhagen is a new type of apartment building developed by KHR architects. The dwellings are interwoven to create alternating entrances and gardens in the facade. This gives a social and visual dimension to the development, which naturally creates social interaction.

LFT Glamsbjergvej ApS
4788 ㎡
20 M

The cherry orchard is located on a rural plot, between town and country

The location means easy access to Amager's large natural areas such as Amager Fælled, Ørestaden and Amager Strand. In addition, there are several attractive schools in the area, easy access to both the metro, the Øresund motorway and the airport.

You get both the qualities of the city and nature within a bike ride. Between the low-rise blocks of flats in the vicinity and the site's other apartment blocks, Kirsebærhaven creates a harmonious transition in the area.

"Kirsebærhaven is a family-friendly development that invites people to stay and socialise together. All homes have
garden or roof terrace, plenty of daylight and good contact with the neighbourhood."

Torben Juul, Area Manager for residential architecture at KHR

The Cherry Garden invites you to alternate between privacy and community according to your needs, mood and stage of life.
Residents can meet spontaneously in everyday life and form bonds across generations.

Natural materials in harmony with the environment

The gables are in yellow brick with light wooden facades. The homes have light wood floors in the living areas and light polished concrete floors in the entrance hall and bathroom. Open gardens, green roof terraces, communal green spaces and pergolas at the entrances provide a good balance between privacy and neighbourliness.


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