• The glass blocks, stage I - Haukeland Children's Hospital


Haukeland University Hospital brings together expertise in children and young people in a hospital that sets new standards both architecturally and throughout the design and construction process. Stage 2 of the project is the first fully digital hospital project in the world, where both design and site work are completely paperless.

Health Bergen HF
29.000 (2016) + 50.000 ㎡ (2023)
Energy-efficient at passive house level according to NS3701 with geo wells, solar cells, heat pumps; socially sustainable, healing architecture
Bergen Architecture and Urban Design Prize 2017;
Finalist in buildingSmart
PKA Architects, Rambøll Architecture, Landskap Trondheim, Schønherr Landscape
Programming, 3D-BIM design, ICT performance, project development, architectural management, drawingless construction

Healing architecture for body and soul

The holistic focus is expressed in the facilities for play, exercise and physical development, which are a central focal point of the hospital's concept. The new hospital facility creates a good and functional environment for patients, relatives, staff and students. The architecture promotes social sustainability by addressing patients' needs and supporting an innovative environment across traditional disciplines, research and teaching.

The new part of the hospital is the highest and steps down towards the low-rise housing to the north. This provides a large amount of light and opens up views over the fjord and Bergen town.

Mai Svanholt, Associate Partner

Function and homeliness via specially designed furniture

The special birch veneer facade furniture adds warmth and texture to a clinical environment, while also providing functions such as a bed for patients, a workstation and a screen. The furniture appears from the outside as a lining for the space, and from the inside helps to humanise the scale of the large window surfaces.

Psychiatric and somatic children's hospital in two phases

Since 2006, KHR has been working on the new children and youth hospital for Helse Bergen HF in two stages. The hospital is part of Haukeland University Hospital. The first phase of 28,000 m2 houses the child and adolescent psychiatry and was completed in 2016, while the somatic part of the child and adolescent hospital is part of the second phase of 50,000 m2, which also houses a women's clinic for pregnant women. The second phase, which is fully paperless, expected to be completed in 2023.

Norwegian nature is drawn into the hospital through windows, passages and courtyards

The green West Norwegian landscape stretches through the facility and connects the mountain behind, the hospital's outdoor space and the park-like Møllendal Cemetery down to the water. The buildings lie like slats across the coastal landscape. The light and bright glass volumes on a base of natural stone have given the children's and youth hospital the nickname "The Glass Blocks".
The buildings are staggered so that light is drawn into the building structure and building and landscape are woven together. Between the slats, the green features extend as terraces, gardens and play areas. This structure expresses openness and breaks down the building mass into smaller units in which users can thrive.

Energy efficient construction supported by Enova

The Children and Youth Hospital is being built as an energy-efficient building at passive house level with energy label A and has received €39 million. NOK 39 million in support for green initiatives from the Norwegian fund Enova. Total greenhouse gas emissions over the lifetime of the building have been reduced by 30% compared to current practice through, among other things, 1000 m2 of transparent solar cells on the facade and 165 geo-greenhouses.


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