Healing architecture
Architecture and fire safety can easily go hand in hand. It's best to consult fire advisors from the start.

Fire engineering advice with an eye for both architecture and safety

Competent fire advice combines professional fire protection with a holistic architectural view.

Our fire safety advisors would therefore like to be consulted right from the initial thoughts and ideas for your new building. In fact, by involving the fire consultancy early in the process, we can ask about your wishes and needs, so that you avoid fire safety becoming a disruptive element in the design and function of the building. 

All our fire engineering advisers are trained architects, designers or engineers, so they can give you holistic advice.

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Our fire technical advisors can handle all phases of fire consultation.

Fire advisory from A to Z

For example, we help our clients with fire advice that includes all or some of the following elements: 

  • Start and end declaration
  • Fire classification documentation, including an overall fire strategy and overall fire plans for the building
  • Fire safety strategy 
  • ITT statement and DKV plan
  • Regulatory dialogue and permit process
  • Fire plans showing the fire disposition of the building and elaborating on the fire strategy report
  • Site allocation plan and site plan
  • Control plans and control reports for design, planning and execution
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We help with fire safety from the design to the construction phase.

Fire safety through a project cycle - in brief

In the design process we define the overall fire protection plan, including the overall fire strategy with associated functional and other requirements. 

In the design phase the designing architects, in cooperation with the fire engineering consultant and other specialists, incorporate functional requirements and fire safety measures into the project. 

In the execution phase the projected fire protection measures are implemented, typically by a contractor.

Throughout the project, the fire safety control shall be executed and documented on the basis of the fire safety control plan, which shall be prepared by the fire saferty consultant in the initial phase and continuously adjusted if changes occur during the project.

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Our fire advisors are familiar with the fire regulations of the building code.

The Building Regulations and the Regulations of the Danish Emergency Management Agency show the way

We are always happy to help with professional fire advice tailored to your specific needs.
Our fire advisers are fully conversant with the technical regulations from the Danish Emergency Services Agency and the current building regulations BR18.

"The documentation of the fire safety of a building shall demonstrate that the fire conditions are in accordance with defined requirements for safety and serviceability, as set out in Chapter 5, and that the design, planning and execution are adequate and in accordance with defined requirements." - BR18, § 506

Our fire engineering consultants assist with fire protection in all fire classes, including bespoke solutions ranging from school buildings and hospitals to shopping centres, office buildings and residential buildings.


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