Kristian Nielsen Kjær is new associate partner

"Both myself and the rest of the partners are very pleased to welcome Kristian as an associate partner. It is important for the company's development and future that we bring younger people into play, and Kristian has proven over the past five years that he is an excellent choice both professionally and personally," says CEO Lars Kragh.

Kristian has been with KHR since 2019 and has worked as an architect and project manager on a number of projects in Denmark and abroad, most recently on the housing projects Grunwald's Garden at Østre Gasværk and Kregmehusene in the town of Kregme. At the same time, he has been a health and safety representative and involved in HR and sales.

"Kristian has a way with people, whether it's bringing parties together on a complex project, presenting the company to potential clients, or making sure colleagues are happy. Architecture is very much a team discipline, so it's essential for a company like ours to have people like Kristian, who gives the relational and human aspects a high degree of focus, while at the same time being in complete control of the architectural profession."

Kristian holds a bachelor's degree in engineering from DTU and then graduated as an architect from Aarhus School of Architecture. He has worked at various architectural practices and has taught at both the School of Architecture in Copenhagen and Aarhus for a number of years. Today, he is an appointed external examiner at three of the country's architecture programmes. He has also taken a masterclass in organisational psychology - a foundation he uses in his daily work at the studio.

"I love development, both on a personal level and in relation to projects and organisations, and KHR Architecture has really managed to meet that need over the past years. That's why I'm very grateful that I will now be even more involved in the development of the company. I have great respect for the company's historical ballast, but at the same time I will do my best to support the good, dynamic working environment and the innovative spirit that characterises the practice today," says Kristian Nielsen Kjær.

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