"Of course, it's crucial that we come out with a reasonable bottom line. At the same time, we have managed to create projects that make a positive difference for users and have a workplace with high job satisfaction. I'm really proud of that combination," says CEO Lars Kragh from KHR Architecture.

During 2023, KHR Architecture has added a dedicated team for German projects, an urban planning specialist and several client advisors.

"KHR is organised into three main business areas, covering public projects, private projects and client consultancy respectively. All are in positive development. At the same time, this diversification across different sectors and customers gives us greater business security."

Founded back in 1946, KHR Architecture is behind major welfare projects such as Hvidovre Hospital, KUA and Copenhagen Metro.

"We have always been involved in education and healthcare projects, and we are continuing that legacy with major projects such as the new Faculty of Health Sciences in Odense, the award-winning children's hospital Glasblokkene in Bergen and new schools in Nuuk, Berlin, Hamburg and Hannover."

For a number of years, KHR Architecture has focused on integrating sustainability into the practice's processes and projects and is increasingly advising its clients on ESG.

"We have built up specialised expertise in social sustainability and user processes, which supports both our public projects, but also our residential and commercial projects very well."

"I'm happy to be able to send my colleagues on their summer holidays with a positive result for the year and the certainty that the good momentum will continue here in 2024."

About KHR Architecture

KHR Architecture is one of Denmark's oldest design studios, founded by Gunnar Krohn and Knud Hartvig Rasmussen back in 1946. KHR Architectures business is focused on three main areas: education and healthcare construction for public clients, commercial and residential projects, primarily in the private sector, and client consultancy.

KHR Architecture's partners include CEO Lars Kragh, Creative Director Janina Zerbe, Creative Director Mikkel Beedholm, Technical Director Henrik Danielsen, Design Director Torben Juul and Director of Client Consultancy Peter Nielsen. Hans Peter Hertz is an external partner.

The approximately 60 employees is based in the listed gunboat sheds at Holmen.