Istak seen from the outside
Istaks domicil er udviklet i tæt samarbejde med bygherre

Business architecture based on your organisation  

KHR Architecture has for many years created architecture for business. From offices and manufacturing facilities to shopping centres and mixed-use projects that combine business with housing or cultural institutions - often with associated outdoor spaces that create natural meeting places for the area's residents.

We not only design homes and office buildings from scratch, but also breathe new life into existing buildings through space planning or a thorough transformation process.

In all cases, we take your organisation and workflows as a starting point to create the optimal environment for working life and the other functions of the site.

Fiberline architecture
Tidløs erhvervsarkitektur: Fiberlines hovedsæde og produktionsbygning

Timeless architecture with robust solutions of high aesthetic quality 

The aim is to create an optimal environment for a comfortable and efficient workplace, both in the short and long term. All experience shows that organisations quickly make new demands on the physical environment, and the architecture must be able to meet these demands. This is what we call architectural robustness, which goes hand in hand with good material choices. Many of our clients have a strong focus on sustainability, and here the life span of the building is a very important parameter. Of course, we also have a holistic focus on sustainability - environmental, social and economic - and work with both DGNB certification and Nordic Swan Ecolabel.

Oslo Square Corridor
Moderne kontorbyggeri i København

Architecture that supports a good working life

The physical environment is crucial to creating an effective workplace with a happy workforce. We focus on indoor climate, lighting conditions and good flows that support your work processes in the best possible way. 

A close dialogue with you as developer, possibly complemented by user involvement are valuable tools for identifying all needs and finding solutions that will give you a first-class commercial building.
See examples of office buildings and other commercial architecture by KHR, here.

B&O på vej
B&O på vej

Get a strong partner for new construction or commercial building transformation

Wherever you are in the process, we can advise on the architecture, budget, schedule and regulatory project for commercial buildings and bring the project to life as a general consultant or project architect.

We can sketch out a brand new commercial property, assess the potential of transforming an existing property into a contemporary office environment or estimate the economics of renovating and updating your existing premises. 

Our versatile team ranges from the imaginative concept architects to building consultants with technical and financial insight, so you can come to us at any stage of a project and be sure you're in the best hands.


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