A new residential area in Østerbro has made it to the top

"There was great satisfaction with both the architecture and progress of the project when the topping-out ceremony for Grunwalds Have was held this week," says Project Manager Kristian Nielsen Kjær from KHR Architecture. "It's always exciting to see what we design take shape in a real building, and I have to say that I'm thrilled with the spatial and visual expression that has been created."

The design of Grunwalds Have, created by KHR Architecture, is characterised by dynamic brickwork and distinctive window openings that ensure plenty of natural light for the young residents. The aesthetics and functionality of the building are closely aligned with Østerbro's urban environment, contributing to a harmonious integration into the neighbourhood.

With 223 youth housing units - both public and private - and a rehearsal stage for Østre Gasværk Theatre, the project combines housing and culture in a unique way. This is also why actor Morten Grunwald, who for a number of years was the director of Østre Gasværk Theatre, lends his name to the residential area, which is being developed by NRE and AP Ejendomme.

Peter Olsson, CEO of AP Ejendomme, attended the celebration and expressed great satisfaction with the progress of the project: "Grunwalds Have has an extremely good location, where the residents will live in the centre of Østerbro with a short distance to Østerbrogade on one side and the new Nordhavn district on the other. We believe that the 'small living homes' will be a great addition to the area, and we are experiencing great interest from potential tenants."

An important part of Grunwald's Garden is the new rehearsal hall for Østre Gasværk Theatre, which will strengthen the local cultural environment. Søren Jenstrup, chairman of the board of Ejendomsfonden Østre Gasværk, is pleased with this initiative: "We are delighted that Østre Gasværk Theatre will have a new and modern rehearsal hall, which we are sure the theatre will benefit greatly from."