The metro clock is a piece of industrial design that was designed together with the first phase of the metro.

When design becomes part of the architecture

Design and architecture go hand in hand. Often, our industrial designs come about in the context of a specific project because we need a design element that complements the architecture both aesthetically and functionally. 

As architects, we are used to looking at both the detail and the whole. This enables us to create design objectswho contribute to the site in both small and large ways. 

The design for LB Circle was developed for Ørestad School and Library.

A lamp that complements the architecture functionally and aesthetically

Good lighting conditions are an extremely important parameter in creating a good indoor climate and working environment. The lamp LP Circle is an example of a design object developed for the design of Ørestad School, but which has since been integrated into several other projects and is marketed by Louis Poulsen.


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