Ørestad School and Library in Copenhagen is internationally renowned for its architecture, which creates an environment for play, learning and socialising at eye level with primary school pupils. It is a CO2-neutral pioneering building with green roofs and exemplary architectural robustness in both materials and spatial distribution. The design language is lush and varied in both plan and facade, with an interior characterised by a precise structure with many organisational possibilities.

Ørestad School and Library
14500 ㎡
290 M
Low energy class 1, CO2 neutral
1st prize in architectural competition

The city and discovery. Presence and inspiration.

This is KHR Architects' vision for the school, leisure facilities and library in Ørestad City. There are hanging gardens, bay windows and small piazzas, just like in an inspiring medieval city. Visitors are invited to explore a myriad of small alleys and terraces outside the building, which is made publicly accessible by an exterior staircase.

Sustainable architecture

KHR Architecture has pioneered sustainable architecture in Denmark. Their concern for the environment is clearly reflected in Ørestad School, which was a spearhead project for the City of Copenhagen's efforts to save energy.

Socially, there has also been a strong focus on creating a sustainable school. With a focus on the children's perspective, the spaces are designed to be small enough for the children to feel safe, yet large enough for curiosity to peek around the corner.


Outdoor and indoor venues reinforce the City of Copenhagen's vision to make Ørestad School a social and cultural hub for Ørestad.

"The variety of spaces allows for group work, workshop work and time for contemplation. The floors and the connections between them are designed like the streets of a mountain town with a variety of dense alleys, piazzas, open views of the surroundings and small quiet spaces. The main routes through the city of the school are clear, but shortcuts create diversity and connections between the different functions of the school."

Mikkel Beedholm, Head Architect at Ørestad School.

Space to play

Finding enough space for outdoor areas in a densely built-up area like Ørestad can be a challenge. That's why Ørestad School is not only built in height. All areas in and on the building are optimally utilised: Corridors are designed to accommodate both learning and social activities.
The glass panels in the façade serve as child-friendly breathing spaces, while the roof areas are transformed into green playgrounds or small peaceful oases.


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