Located in central Nuuk, Nuuk Center houses a modern two-storey shopping centre and an eight-storey administration building for the Government of Greenland.

MT Højgaard
25 000 ㎡

Office tower for the Greenland Self-Government

The tower that houses the administration of the new autonomy serves as a landmark in the cityscape. The Business Building sloping glass facades add a great deal of urban intimacy to the design and the tower slopes down towards the rest of the centre to ensure harmony between the two parts of the building.



A natural part of Nuuk's city centre

The new Nuuk Centre's interior is designed as an extension of Nuuk's existing city centre and is used both as a traditional shopping centre and for events.
Facing the Imaneq pedestrian street, the building has large display windows that support the link between the urban life outside and inside the centre.

All the surfaces of the building are designed to be flat and in shades inspired by the varying skies of the surrounding landscape. The centre building will be experienced in the context of reflections from the sky as a visual extension of the landscape.

"The colour scheme of the centre is inspired by the landscape of Nuuk, which has inspired a special architectural treatment of the centre's facades."

Janina Zerbe, Architect and Partner, KHR Architecture


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