A complex brain of technique

With his upbringing in Central Jutland and his dry sense of humour, Henrik is the firm's down-to-earth and practical partner. Everything he touches is done efficiently and precisely. Henrik can handle projects of a very complicated nature and always manages to keep both detail and the whole in mind, even in the most complex projects.

Henrik's career

Henrik is always very realistic about the tasks, while at the same time breaking the limits of what is possible, as for example when he developed Hybrid ventilation for B&O headquarters.

Henrik's career started with a few years at smaller, Jutlandic design offices, where he had to handle all facets of the assignments from start to finish. These were typically smaller projects such as an extension, youth housing in an old warehouse or supervision on a new single-family house. The jump to one of the largest Danish design firms of the time, Krohn & Hartvig Rasmussen, was therefore big. KHR was a completely different world to step into, where the projects were often huge and therefore sharply divided into phases. It was therefore a question of developing specialist knowledge that clearly delimited one's field of work. But Henrik's ambition to follow a construction project from start to finish quickly had an impact on the work assignments. It was therefore not long before design, technical descriptions, development and site visit was the daily routine of a wide range of tasks. Henrik has therefore acted as everything from design engineer, case architect and project manager to managing director, and is now the firm's technical director with a nose for technically complex solutions and new innovative approaches in construction.

More education

Over the years, Henrik's special eye for buildability left its mark. At KHR, aesthetics are always paramount, but with a constant focus on functionality. Therefore, already in the initial phase, during the sketching, we focus on the buildability, where Henrik contributes to finding solutions for groundbreaking architectural works. With a wealth of construction knowledge and a natural curiosity and interest in exploring every conceivable possibility, Henrik often leads multidisciplinary collaborations with skilled engineers, architects and designers, helping to create custom-designed solutions for our projects. This has been reflected in projects such as Pihl & Sons headquarters, where everything was custom-designed for the job within the standard supply economy. A building which, despite its young age, has recently been listed. Having trained as a carpenter, structural engineer and architect, Henrik has all the relevant skills and experience to lead KHR's major projects. He is currently project manager for New Forensic Psychiatry Sct. Hans, where he works to, as he puts it, "get Denmark's finest and most functional psychiatric hospital built on time and on budget."

In addition, Henrik is currently mentoring two of the firm's younger architects, and he is constantly working to maintain the firm's high technical level and to find new and better solutions in architecture.