Construction management ensures schedule and budget

Construction management ensures schedule, budget and quality

Professional construction management is essential to ensure that the project is carried out as intended and within the given financial and time constraints.

Our construction managers have a helicopter perspective, overseeing both the contractual basis of the project, the design and the construction site itself. They have extensive experience in carrying out technical inspections, coordinating with various subcontractors and organising construction meetings. 

It is also the task of the construction manager to ensure a thorough handover document when the construction is completed.

Construction site supervision

Experienced construction managers keep your building on track

Our construction managers have extensive experience in all phases of construction and are therefore at the forefront of the phases that can experience project slippage.

The construction manager has a wide range of contacts and must be able to deal with many different professional profiles. Several of our construction managers are trained designers, but also have a crafts background, which gives them optimal conditions both in terms of dialogue and quality assurance. 

Advice on construction

Construction management based on our experience and your success criteria

A construction site is like a living organism that can be difficult to control. We combine experience, overview and a proven methodological and IT toolbox to steer the project safely to its goal. We do this by qualifying schedules based on practical experience, continuously assessing risks to prevent problems, monitoring and adjusting the construction budget, and holding frequent construction and coordination meetings.

We always have a close dialogue with our clients and use your success criteria to guide us through the project. 


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