Ceresvej 19 is a newly built private residence in a classic residential area of Frederiksberg. To fit into the neighbourhood, the architecture of the house draws on classical elements, but reinterprets them to create an aesthetic and functional modern house.


"Recessed windows with an oak exterior reveal provide a simple ornamentation that also designates all common spaces."

Mikkel Beedholm, Creative Partner

Classic and modern at the same time

By projecting part of the east facade, a cantilever and shelter are created in the entrance area towards the street, as a reinterpretation of a classically symmetrically placed front spire. Together with the plastered facade and the classic materials, oak and copper, this makes the house blend in well with the other villas in the area, while giving it its own modern distinctiveness.


The façade is relatively closed to the street, but opens up with large double-height windows facing the garden.

Seen from the road, the villa at Ceresvej 19 appears to have a classic rectangular plan, but in reality the layout is an open angle that embraces the garden. The sense of a perpendicular plan is reinforced by the fact that the kitchen-living room facing the terrace has double height, while the remaining "angle" of the house is divided into two planes.

The open-plan layout also means there's a view across the house from the front door to the garden.



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