Jægersborg Allé in Gentofte will become a lively shopping street west of the railway. New combined commercial and residential development will create coherence with the existing buildings.

KFI v/Marcus Choleva
16 309 ㎡

101 homes of different sizes

The largest of the apartments is 94 m2 with very large roof terraces. The majority are 70-80 m2 with balconies. Some one-bedroom apartments are about 40 m2. Common to all the apartments are the good access conditions. The stairwell is large, bright and airy with a lift in a free-standing tower. The floor plans are designed with beautifully proportioned and easily furnishable spaces. Materials and kitchen fittings are made to a high quality. A few units have open fireplaces. These are attractive economic homes built to a decent quality.

"The additions have created a much needed contemporary contribution to the colourful streetscape."

Mikkel Beedholm, Architect and Partner, KHR Architecture

New and old

The area has the character of a charming main street in an old market town. The stretch has had a new commercial development added along the main street and a new residential development behind it. The new buildings are a mix of 5-storey town houses from around the turn of the century, a handsome red-brick funk house from the 1930s, lower houses of mixed origin and, until recently, a dairy where there are now residential units.

Space for green areas

Residential wings are built with facades in yellow, soft-striped slate. The windows have wide white frames, which together with the white painted stairwell facade make the building light and airy. Part of the car park is located under the building along Jægersborg Allé, leaving space for green lawns and playgrounds.


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