The design of the metro was ahead of its time. The design idea was ready at KHR architects in 1994, but it was not until 2000 that a suitable light source was developed.Working with the supplier, KHR integrated the light into the clock, so the idea of the crisp bead-row illumination of the clock's aluminium surface was realised. An example of the value of forward thinking in dialogue with technological developments.


"Metrouret is an example of how good cooperation is crucial. In this case, the design idea only became reality when we found the right technical solution together with a supplier. "

Mikkel Beedholm, Architect and Partner in KHR Architecture

The basic philosophy is that all the design elements of the stations are part of the whole and not individual statements

With its minimalist clean expression, the watch has become so simple that it signals precision in both form and content. The case and dial are made of aluminium. The dial is illuminated by luminous foil bands along the inside of the cylinder.


The design idea for the Circle lamp emerged during the design of Ørestad School in Copenhagen, where it...

In the Copenhagen metro daylight from above links the two worlds below and above ground. The pyramid-shaped...

Ballehvileren is the result of KHR's holistic focus on architecture and design. During the design of the metro stations for...