The School am Breiten Luch is the result of an architectural competition to design an integrated school for 725 pupils in the Lichtenberg neighbourhood of Berlin. The school, which is currently under construction, is designed according to the so-called compartment principle, with small school units within the school. Two sports halls are to be integrated on a relatively small site, which is subject to heavy noise pollution from both a major road and a railway track. In addition, there is a water pipeline across the site that needs to be kept clear of construction, which has required a different way of organising the construction.

19 875 ㎡
1st place in architectural competition
Renner Architekten GmbH, ifb frohloff staff kühl ecker, B4-PLAN Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Bode - Williams + Partner Landschaftsarchitekten
Design, authorisation, project planning and supervision

The school's north-facing sports hall with transparent facade is the urban highlight, visible from afar

During the day, the openly designed spectator galleries are experienced through the transparent facade and in the evening, the interaction between the structure and the artificial light creates an innovative and exciting facade image.

The school's clear and distinct interior concept means that it is easy to find your way around the building. Large amounts of incoming daylight create exciting visual connections inside and outside the building. The cantilevered structure creates a clear entry point for students, and a line of sight through the building's interior street makes it easy to orientate yourself no matter where you are coming from.

"Our two sports halls are located above each other and raised to the first floor. They are oriented towards Falkenberger Chaussee, so the halls form a noise barrier from the surrounding road and railway.
In this way, the sports halls create a landmark facing the city and become a natural entrance to one of the district's major parks and learning areas. "

Mikkel Beedholm, Architect and Partner, KHR Architecture

A meeting place for the neighbourhood even after school

The ambition of the Skolen Am Breiten Luch is not only to create a modern school that matches the Berlin school concept, but also to uplift a challenged neighbourhood with a distinctive building where sports halls and common areas on the ground floor can be used by associations and area residents after school hours.

KHR, with its extensive experience in modern school building designed a school that makes the best possible use of the site, while providing an optimal framework for the cluster concept.

The architectural grip

The entrances and actively designed courtyard areas face north, while the more noise-sensitive exterior areas and classrooms face the area's quieter and greener south. The classrooms can be extended with an adjoining anteroom, allowing for flexible furnishing and a private balcony.

The common team areas are arranged so that students can retreat to immerse themselves while still maintaining visual contact with the classroom.

All uses are grouped around a central courtyard with plenty of natural light. The administration and science rooms are located on the first floor.
On the ground floor are the partially public areas, which can be used by students as well as associations and other institutions in the area. The cafeteria and multipurpose area are located under the sports hall, providing space for events of all kinds, both for the school and the local community.

The entrance interlocks with the internal link and the terrace area south of the cafeteria to create a large continuous "eventscape" that welcomes students and other school users. The quieter area on the ground floor houses the art and work room, teaching kitchen, library and therapy area. These functions are also used by people outside the school and are accessible from the outside.


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