KHR Architecture, together with the Board of Rønne Swimming Pool developing a new water culture house at Nørrekås in Rønne. This week, an open workshop was held for all interested to gather ideas and knowledge for the project.

Project Manager Irene Blak Wilner explains:

"The vision is to create more than just a swimming centre. The old, soon-to-be obsolete swimming pool in Rønne will be replaced with a real aquatic centre that is interesting for many different target groups and becomes a focal point in the local area. This will be achieved by creating synergies with other activities in the area. Imagine a sauna that is also used by local winter swimmers, or a café that is attractive to members of the sailing club next door. Through a close dialogue with the neighbours of the site and the workshop we've just held, we'll find out what the possibilities and wishes are."

Water culture house of approximately 3,500 square meters

KHR Architecture prepared a project brief last year for an aquatic centre of approximately 3,500 square metres, including an elite and exercise pool, family pool, warm water pool, spa and water park, as well as facilities for changing rooms, ticket sales and a café. The current swimming pool is a bit hidden in Rønne, while the proposed triangular site at Nørrekås offers 15,000 square metres right by the sea, creating a real aquatic environment where fresh and salt water meet.

"Now we are working on the input we received in the workshop and continuing our close dialogue with the board of Rønne Swimming Pool and possible foundations that can support the project. We are still in an early phase, but the project has enormous potential, which we look forward to turning into a water culture house that creates synergies in terms of function, aesthetics and social aspects," says Irene Blak Wilner.

The LOA Foundation is involved in the project, but funding is dependent on further fund support. KHR Architecture has previously helped raise money for Malik swimming pool in Nuuk and was selected earlier this year to prepare a basis for funding applications for a new swimming pool in Sisimiut, West Greenland.