The new swimming pool is a creative and sustainable water multi-house that will demonstrate how the existing building stock can be prepared with minimal resource consumption in line with Bornholm's sustainable development.

Bornholm Regional Municipality
2000 ㎡
DKK 22.2M
Low energy class 2015/2020

Improvement of existing buildings with minimum use of resources

Rønne Swimming Pool will be a pioneer project for the sustainable development of the island and a new piece in Bornholm's green and ecological ambition - Bright Green Island. Through a transformation, the swimming pool will show that Denmark's existing building stock can be improved and put into use with minimal resource consumption, but with a high return in terms of value.

The main focus of the internal transformation of Rønne Swimming Pool is to expand the repertoire of offers so that the pool's activities attract a wider range of people in the area.

Sustainable quality

The Blue House "RH20" follows the vision of a fantastic creative, innovative, feasible and sustainable water multihouse.

The task is to create an innovative swimming pool, an exemplary project that demonstrates how the existing swimming pool is transformed into a new vibrant and modern aquatic centre, with health functions and a high degree of accessibility. At the same time, Rønne swimming pool is to be a sustainable renovation project that integrates economic, environmental, social and cultural understanding of sustainability into a resource-optimised and realistic bid for sustainable renovation today and for the future.

"The competition programme is an inspirational basis that motivates building of a very special quality, a particularly sustainable Bornholm quality."

Peter Nielsen, Head of Building Consultancy, KHR Architecture



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