The north block of the Emergency Centre is to be built fast

The northern block of the acute care building in New Hospital Bispebjerg will be built in a 'loop', which will lead to major savings in both time and money, without compromising quality.

Project Director Søren Svare, KHR Architecture, says: "One of the ways we ensure quality is through strict tender requirements in the form of both project proposals and pre-projects. Furthermore, as part of the tender documents, a comprehensive design manual has been prepared, which gives the bidders very clear guidelines for what is to be built. This ensures that there will not be two separate projects, each with its own design philosophy, but rather a single new Acute Care Centre."

KHR Architecture is pleased that a strong collaboration in the team contributes to the fact that the project, instead of being completed in 2024, is now expected to be completed already at the turn of 2022/2023.

Claes Brylle Hallqvist, Deputy Director of Bispebjerg og Frederiksberg Hospital, says: "This project has shown a flexibility far beyond what we expected. I have to give a lot of credit to our general planner, who conceived the Acute House and then helped to cut it down, so that we now have the opportunity to implement this optimisation option."

The total consultancy team consists of: KHR Architecture, ARUP and EYP Architecture & Engineering.

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