"The 14,000 square metres of office space Østerport II, must be among the best in all of Copenhagen. Here KHR Architecture shows why they are usually considered to belong to the top of the Danish architectural world."- Holger Dahl, Architecture Reviewer, Berlingske Tidende

Finally, the construction of Østerport II is completed and ready to act as a state-of-the-art office domicile. The project has been many years in the making and is one of the most controversial in KHR's history. All the more reason to be pleased that Karsten Ifversen, Architecture Editor from Poltiken, Torben Weirup, Architecture Reviewer from Kristeligt Dagblad, and Holger Dahl, Architecture Reviewer from Berlingske Tidende, some of the harshest critics along the way, can now see the building's qualities - both external and internal. Torben Weirup uses the metaphorical headline "What happened to the ugly duckling" in his review, acknowledging that it is not entirely fair to judge a building before it is finished. At the same time, all three reviewers acknowledge that Østerport II should be judged not least on its internal qualities: "The idea of moving the informal and social life of the workplace into the façade is nothing short of brilliant. The finest qualities of the building will be democratically accessible to all, and at the same time passers-by will experience the building as a living organism instead of the dead box that is usually the outward expression of an office block," writes Holger Dahl in his review and continues:

Østerport II helps to define the urban space at Oslo Plads

"The essential thing is that the spaces that the great architect Louis Kahn called 'the serving spaces' have been moved from the core and into the facade. In doing so, KHR Architecture has actually renewed the office building as a genre,... "But Østerport II also fits in well and helps to define the urban space at Oslo Plads: "The idea of breaking up the facade into smaller elements is both good and simple. It's about respecting the spatial hierarchy that already exists, and here Østerport Station will have to continue playing first violin."

"The space in front of the shops is good, the future public passage through the building is a great attraction, and the reddish-brown pattern on the glass panels is very successful."

With a location right next to Østerport station and a lot of prominent buildings with different styles, the project has been a bit of a mouthful both constructionally and architecturally. At the same time, there has been no shortage of ambition to create an innovative office building that interacts with its multifaceted surroundings.

"There is no doubt that Østerport II is one of the most complex and controversial projects I have been in charge of," says creative director Mikkel Beedholm from KHR Architecture. "All the more reason to be really happy with the final result and hope that people will take the time to look at the building now that it is ready for occupation."

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