Space planning takes on a special significance when a new organisation is created. In connection with the merger of three organisations into one, KHR Architecture helped EIFO with the design of a new headquarters of 10,600 sqm spread over four floors in Orienthuset in Nordhavnen, where 450 employees are now based. The task was solved using an evidence-based approach with questionnaires and user surveys as the basis for the chosen concept and the specific interior design. The space planning work, including the organisation of EU tenders, was carried out as part of a broader tenant consultancy by EIFO.

10 600 ㎡
Furniture in long-lasting, certified materials
Tenant counselling, user process, space planning, interior design

Activity-based space planning

"The user process clearly showed that "holding meetings" covers a wide range of collaboration situations where a classic meeting room is not necessarily the best setting. Corona has also led to an increased need to be able to hold online meetings and conference calls without disturbing colleagues.

Therefore, we have taken activities and user preferences as a starting point to create a physical environment that meets specific needs in the best possible way. This has resulted in a layout with different types of meeting rooms and meeting zones, which at the same time supports the work culture you want to promote and provides better square metre utilisation because the same space can be used for different purposes."

Mai Svanholt, Associate Partner and Architect

"We have been very pleased that they have immediately captured the essence of our new organisation, even though we are in the process of not only relocating, but also merging and establishing a new corporate culture."

Iben Tjelum, Head of Secretariat at EIFO

New ways of working

Lounge areas that can be made more private via heavy curtains; kitchenettes that also provide space for informal meetings; and meeting rooms for team sessions where people work both together and separately are some of the solutions that meet EIFO's need for "new ways of working" in a modern and merged organisation.

Uncovering needs via user process

EIFO is the result of a merger of EKF Denmark's Export Credit Agency, Danish Growth Fund and Denmark's Green Investment Fund. EIFO contacted KHR for advice on their new, shared lease in Orienthuset and help with the design of their new head office. A challenging task with many unknowns, as the new organisation was still in the process of being created.

The merger of the three organisations meant that there was a clear need to identify what needs the new headquarters should meet. This was done through a questionnaire survey followed by workshops with selected user groups, combined with close dialogue with the customer throughout.

Nordic aesthetics interacting with EIFO's visual identity

Based on the user process, we recommended a Nordic aesthetic and colours that support EIFO's self-understanding and new visual identity. We prioritised loose and fixed furniture with good durability and environmentally certified materials, such as FSC-certified wood and ecotex/Ecolabel-labelled textiles.

Subdued blues and greens are used in combination with light brown leather and shades of grey to create a professional yet comfortable look. Comfortable, upholstered meeting and lounge furniture has been chosen, while seating in the canteen and kitchen has smooth surfaces that are easy to clean.

Space planning in Orienthuset:

  • Questionnaire survey targeted at all staff
  • Workshops with selected user groups
  • Analysing and space planning 
  • Design reception furniture for the venue
  • Choosing furniture
  • Tender dossier for EU tenders

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