Want to be part of a research project for better residential architecture?

In our constant ambition to create better architecture, we perform a completely new type of architectural studies with people at the centre. The aim is to experiment with how residential architecture can be made more flexible and better adapted to the needs and wishes of different residents. Specifically, we will transform the Grey Friars School. in Roskilde into a green residential environment and will in this project take as a starting point user surveys, which you can be part of.

The studies are part of the research project Relational Architecture and are conducted by architecture researcher Cameline Bolbroe from KHR Architecture with the Royal Academy of Architecture, Design and Conservation as university partner. The research project is supported by Innovation Fund and Realdania.


If you'd like to join us, we'd love to hear from you. The surveys take place at Gråbrødre School in Roskilde and are full-scale:

Inside the building, we set up specially designed modules that form what we call a "residential scenography". We can move the modules around together so you can try out different room sizes, for example, and we can talk about what the rooms can be used for. Such a home scenography allows you to get a direct sense of how a home is experienced and designed, because you use your body and senses to explore. We use these studies to learn more about different ways of living and using a dwelling.

We are looking for participants right now and would love to hear from you and those you live with if you/I would like to join. The surveys will take place during May-July 2021 and will consist of a few sessions of a few hours duration. Each session will be tailored to best fit into your daily lives.

To learn more about the research project or to register, please write to Cameline Bolbroe at KHR Architecture at [email protected]. You can read more about the transformation of Gråbrødre School into Gråbrødre House here.