Gråbrødre School becomes Gråbrødre House

Roskilde Municipality has decided to convert the centrally located Gråbrødre School into 4500 m2 of rental housing. KHR Architecture has been chosen as the architect for the transformation of the existing building, which will be complemented by new buildings and outdoor space. "It's a really exciting assignment, where the beautiful old building's neoclassical identity forms the backdrop for a new unified whole. We have worked intensively with sustainability and created a holistic solution where interior and exterior spaces, old and new, merge into an inspiring living environment for the future tenants," explains Janina Zerbe, architect and creative partner at KHR Architecture.

Gråbrødre School has served as an evening school for the citizens of Roskilde for many years. Now the fine old building from 1930 has been sold for DKK 60 million to the real estate development company Core X, which has chosen KHR Architecture as architect for the project on the basis of a competition proposal. Core X is a real estate fund under Core Property Management that builds and operates rental properties. "I am from Roskilde myself and this is a project that is very close to my heart and that I am very much looking forward to seeing through to fruition," says John Bødker, CEO of Core X.

The school becomes housing

"Gråbrødre Skole will become Gråbrødre Hus with about 50 rental apartments of 60-110 square meters surrounded by a green courtyard. At the same time, you live centrally by both the station and the pedestrian environment, so I can easily understand that many people are already contacting me to book a flat," he continues. "We have a close and fruitful collaboration with Core X on the project and we look forward to starting construction as soon as the final approvals from the municipality are in place," says Janina Zerbe. Sustainability was key KHR's project proposal has a strong focus on both the social and environmental sustainability of the construction.

"In collaboration with Core X, it is our ambition that parts of the finished Gråbrødre Hus will be DGNB Gold certified and partly Platinum. This means, among other things, that we have a fundamental focus on balancing environmental, economic and social considerations throughout the design process," says Janina Zerbe from KHR Architecture. "Thanks to our internal research unit, we will be setting up a kind of test dwelling where our sustainability officer, Cameline Bolbroe, can observe and engage with potential future tenants to ensure the most optimal and long-lasting layout of the new apartments.""This way, people will stay longer, which is both resource-saving and makes it easier to build a good social community in the development. "The development of Gråbrødre School into Gråbrødre House is part of the overall vision for Roskilde town centre, where housing, shops and workplaces will be located alongside cultural and public offerings. Gråbrødre Skole is just 400 metres from Roskilde Cathedral and very close to Roskilde railway station.