Triangeln Station is one of two major stations in Malmö that KHR designed when Malmö City Tunnel was established to provide better public transport both in Malmö and in the entire Øresund region.

City Tunnel Consortium
Metro Architects and Sweco

Malmö City Tunnel strengthens public transport in Malmö and creates better transport links throughout the Øresund region

The new 2010 rail link has given travellers more flexibility in the form of more stations, fewer changes and shorter journey times. The line starts in a new station called Malmö Nedre with four tracks and two platforms, which is built underground as an extension of Malmö Central Station. From Malmö Nedre, the train travels through a tunnel to Triangeln Station, which is built 25 metres below ground in central Malmö. The line then heads south to Holma. From here it continues in an open pit to the new Hyllie station. From Hyllie the line splits in two: one line goes west and connects to the Øresund train, while the other line goes to Ystad and Trelleborg, where the Continental railway runs.

Triangeln Station is built as a mine station 25 metres underground

KHR Architecture has been design lead and consultant on the two major stations Malmö Nedre and Triangeln. The two stations are constructed differently:
Triangeln is built as a so-called mine station with a central platform excavated underground, so the station is experienced as a tube, as you know it from the metro in Paris and London.
Malmö Lower, on the other hand, is built as a cut and cover station, where the station room is excavated from above and then closed with a top cover. The station is designed as one common station room with access to the two platforms at each end of the station.



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