New centre for telemobile company Orange demands transparency with its large glass facades and centrally located panoptic space.


The panoptic space

The interior of the building is made with great transparency. The north façade is designed as a large glass façade and by using glass partitions towards the central panoptic space of the building. In this way, the views are optimally exploited and the building's interior environment appears rich in experience and inspiring. The panoptic space will be extended to include the main entrance and reception area.

Workplaces in open landscapes

The building has five floors and a basement. The building is laid out with workspaces in open landscapes to the north and meeting rooms and quiet workspaces to the south. In the centre of the building, a striking skylight provides the building with varied daylight down through the floors. Ground floor and first floor. are intended for storage, mail function and Server-Camp. The 2nd floor is equipped with a canteen and kitchen. The canteen is arranged as an open space with the possibility of separating a multi-use area. The facades are glass facades with solar shading.

"In this central location, which marks the immediate encounter of all visitors with the building, an enormous spatiality is experienced and there is access to all the functions of the building and views to all sides."

Mikkel Beedholm, architect and partner, KHR Architecture



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