The renovation of a 16-storey 50s apartment building for the MKB housing company has given both an aesthetic and a functional boost to the building. The high-rise has a magnificent view over the Øresund, with new balconies running like ribbons around the front of the building.

MKB Housing Company
Malmö City Planning Award in 2001

Tape of balconies

The building has gone from being closed to being very open, with a magnificent view over the Øresund and the green area around Malmö Stadium. To make the most of this view, a prefabricated balcony system with a width of 1.5 metres and transparent guards was added. The balconies run as horizontal bands on the front of the building and help to give the building a striking profile when viewed from the street.

"Respecting the period high-rise designed by Antoni Roos in the late 1950s, a thorough redesign was developed with a focus on making the most of the site's heritage assets."

Mikkel Beedholm, Architect and Partner, KHR Architecture

Functional facelift

Inside, the addition of balconies means a revision of the apartment design, extending the living space far into the horizon. The new sliding doors in the facade give residents an extra space in the summer months. The building has been given a functional facelift, providing residents with an enhanced quality of life and strengthening a wide range of social initiatives.


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