In collaboration with the world-renowned lighting company Bartenbach Lightlabor, KHR Architecture has created a lighting scheme in the Marble Church that adds layers to the church space and emphasises the existing architecture.

Constituency Council at Frederik's Church
Bartenbach Lightlabor

Soundproofing adds layers to church space

KHR was asked to come up with a proposal for an interior lighting of the Marble Church, which would illuminate the beautiful paintings of the 12 apostles in the dome and provide reading light on the side seats of the church. The intention was that the lighting would help to mark the church's feasts and stage the church year.

"As in the original architecture, the main source is located in the dome, so the light flows down from above."

Mikkel Beedholm, Partner and Architect, KHR Architecture

World heritage architecture inspired by St Peter's

The Marble Church is a piece of protected world architecture in the centre of Copenhagen. The first stone for the church was laid in 1749, but the building was not completed until 145 years later. The Marble Church is particularly famous for its beautiful dome, inspired by St Peter's Basilica. The outside of the dome is a beautiful green iridescent copper, while the inside is decorated with images of the 12 apostles.

Emphasises the geometry and architecture of the church

The idea is to create artificial lighting that emphasises the circular geometry of the church.
The old luminaire in the dome has been replaced by a specially designed luminaire, in which a series of circular lamps emphasise the composition of the dome. The light source is positioned so that it shoots far and falls far before hitting the surface. This gives a homogeneous light that is perceived as daylight.

Through light, the space is adapted to the ecclesiastical action

In the whispering gallery, uplights illuminate the dome diagonally, while the pulpit and the outer ambulatory are also lit. The new lighting system makes it possible to stage the lighting for the church service. A high level of light also makes the church appear warm, bright and friendly. On other days, the lights can be switched off, leaving the church with its original lighting.


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