The design of the 1st stage of Imaneq is based on the north-south movement and the general direction of Imaneq, and lays out a grid parallel to this.

Nuuk Municipality & MT Højgård

Recreational qualities

The grid occasionally dissolves, becoming lines perpendicular to this direction. The grid can be used to guide the movement of people in the general direction of Imaneq - north-south, but also across by virtue of its lines, which act as paving changes, markings, etc.

Ditches for meltwater and rainwater drainage are conceived as a characterful element that breaks the more hard surfacing and is imagined naturally greened in spring and summer. The ditches are appropriately designed to guide/follow the movement of the pavement. In this way, the theme of water becomes an element to move along and cross, and could add recreational qualities to this part of Imaneq.

Space for different activities

The square in front of the Greenland Government buildings, and the space between this and the new Nuuk Centre, is imagined as an open space that provides room for various activities, such as snow sculptures in winter or exhibitions and events in spring and summer. The space is given characterful paving, raised grassed levels with benches for seating and atmospheric lighting that gives the space character in both summer and winter.



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