The Essedalen children's institution in Glostrup municipality is an energy-efficient building based on the passive house concept, where the requirements for heating and energy consumption are exceptionally low. In addition to focusing on compliance with the passive house requirements, the project has placed emphasis on creating a healthy building, both in the literal and figurative sense.

Glostrup Municipality
1200 ㎡
Passive house concept

Architecture that supports exploration and creativity

Solar orientation is emphasized in the organization of the building. The aim has then been a simple and clear layout that is easy to decode, with pleasant room dimensions and acoustics, as well as good and varied daylight conditions in all living spaces. A variation in daylight that can help create excitement and support the different activities of children and adults - exploration and creativity.


By merging the programmed areas for cloakrooms and corridors & distribution areas into one coherent 'space in between', we open up a variety of possibilities for play and activity.

And there's plenty of room for large groups to go out and pull on their flight suits, and for a bit of noise and activity in between.

The playground on the lawn between the large poplars offers good conditions for adapting the play areas. The playground is embraced by the L-shape of the building, and despite its modest size, there are good possibilities for creating a varied outdoor environment for play and well-being with sun and sheltered seating areas.

Children's institution at Essedal

The Essedalen children's institution is built on a site near the Østervangsbanerne in Glostrup. Set in a small, but safe and serene green space between tall poplars.

The approach to solving this task is straightforward; a compact, but also light and spacious framework for pedagogy and well-being. A good contact between inside and outside and a great simplicity of expression and materials.

"The simple cut of the building is generated from the code words energy, daylight and spatiality. The folded roof rises towards the sun while allowing for increased headroom in group, communal and activity spaces."

Mikkel Beedholm, Architect and Partner, KHR Architecture



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