The Aquadrant creates the optimal framework for a targeted and user-adapted conceptual development of the sports, recreation and health area.


A flowing space

The first three cornerstones of the Aquadrant consist of a swimming pool, a multi-purpose hall and a water park in a building structure that allows both private and public initiatives to develop and live side by side. The aquadrome forms a flowing space, providing an emotional and physical integration between the recreational functions of the building and the surrounding nature. The existing promenade helps to shape the centre's interior. It will eventually become the maritime heart of the city and a meeting place for all kinds of recreational activities.

Norway and nature

The aquadrant is the starting point for a whole new vision for Kristiansand's marine area. The project is in line with the city's stated desire to further develop the individual's opportunities for creative development in interaction with the rich natural environment already present in and around Kristiansand.

Norwegian self-awareness is often directly linked to the landscape and nature, and Akvadranten creates a new maritime environment for the citizens of Kristiansand. With this in mind, Akvadranten consists of a simple and implemented planning strategy that is architecturally woven into the surroundings and reinforces the city's coastal identity.


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