Total consultant for new vocational school in West Greenland

"Greenland's self-government has selected KHR as the general contractor to build a new Iron and Metal School in Sisimiut, West Greenland, and it's a project we're really looking forward to getting started on," says technical director and partner in KHR Architecture, Henrik Danielsen.

KHR Architecture has historically been behind a number of constructions in Nuuk and in recent years has taken up the legacy by working more intensively with the Greenlandic market.

Creative partner of KHR Architecture, Janina Zerbe, who is herself heavily involved in KHR's projects in Greenland, explains, "The Greenlandic landscape and climate make special demands on the architecture, both aesthetically and technically. By focusing on the Greenlandic market, we are building specialist knowledge in Arctic architecture, enabling us to sketch and design projects faster and more competently, taking into account the specific conditions of building in Greenland. For example, the extreme wind, the large amounts of snow and the lighting conditions, which are completely different from what we are used to in Denmark."

"When you move through Nuuk, you see KHR architecture everywhere, like Malik Swimming Pool, Hans Lynge School or the University Park. We are currently expanding this footprint with a large school complex of almost 18,000 m2 and a project for a private developer. The new Iron and Metal School, on the other hand, will be our first project outside Nuuk, so it's a bit of a milestone."

Iron and metal school to pave way for Sisimiut as education town

"The new Iron and Metal School is more than just a school. It is the first of a number of educational institutions planned for the area and will help pave the way for Sisimiut's future as an educational city. That's why it's so important that the school manages to create the best foundation for that development by linking the existing schools and the city through its architecture," says Janina Zerbe.

The new school spans a green corridor that serves as a central thoroughfare for pedestrians, cyclists and snowmobiles and dog sleds in Sisimiut.

"To maintain the green corridor, the new school will span a bridge between the two ridges, providing a link between all existing and future buildings. We call it the knowledge bridge because, through shared functions such as a café and conference areas for the educational institutions in the area, it figuratively builds a bridge between the schools. At the same time, of course, it connects the two buildings on either side of the the green passageto be preserved. " explains Janina Zerbe.

The Iron and Metal School will be able to accommodate 100-150 students plus two classes of 12-16 students each on a one-year course of a master engineer. The school will form the basis for developing a merged educational institution with the Construction School, the Raw Materials School and the GUX. The Iron and Metal School will also serve as a physical meeting place for the school's students, as well as the city's businesses and citizens via flexible conference and café areas.

KHR Architecture expects to sign contract with developer in late April with engineering firm Verkis as a subcontractor. The Iron and Metal School is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023 with a budget for works expenditure of €280 million. DKK. Read more about project or about KHR's services in educational building.