The new building for the Iron and Metal School in Sisimiut connects to the existing buildings and forms an architectural KHR's design proposal won the competition, but due to a change of government it is currently uncertain whether the project will be realised.

Greenland Self-Government - IKIN Dept. of Education, Church and Culture
8800 ㎡
Verkis, S&M Verkis
Competition proposal - 1st prize

The knowledge bridge links the existing and the new

From the existing buildings on one side of the green corridor and to
The workshop halls on the other side span the 'Knowledge Bridge' like a floating,
interconnecting volume. The 'Knowledge Bridge' contains common administration, conference facilities and café areas, and links the new workshops and classrooms with the existing schools CTI and GUX.

The 'bridge' rests on the two rocks and spans the landscape without
touch the water level below. From the features of the bridge, there will be a clear view of Spejdersøen in one direction and the ball field and fjord in the other.

Dynamic educational area

The new building for the Iron and Metal School in Sisimiut is a clear and
well-defined building volume in the landscape. The large workshop halls with their sculptural forms form an escalating course that emphasises the existing landscape slopes, which together form the 'Green Corridor' gorge from the stadium to Spejdersøen. The roof forms of the halls imitate the surrounding mountain ridges in expression and colour.

The building as a whole connects to the existing buildings and forms an architecturally closed context, while each building has its own expression. The schools thus appear as a single dynamic educational area, but with a clear division of functions that makes it easy to find one's way around the buildings.

"The school will be a landmark pointing to the future of Sisimiut as an educational city and the starting point for the future development of a strong professional educational environment in the city."

Janina Zerbe, architect and partner, KHR Architecture



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