Building in Greenland's Arctic Landscape

Architecture adapted to the Greenlandic climate

- The Arctic climate and nature in Greenland make great demands on the architecture, both technically and aesthetically. Building in Greenland is a super exciting challenge and a huge learning process, and we get more and more bitten by it with every project, says Janina Zerbe, creative partner at KHR Architecture. In the article, which you can download above, she gives an insight into KHR's projects in Greenland over the last 20 years.

Greenlandic architecture looking ahead

Greenlandic construction is a discipline of its own

As architects, we approach every new project with fresh eyes - whether it's building in Greenland or elsewhere - but of course we also draw on our experience. What solutions work well in practice? Which materials age gracefully? How do we create buildings in harmony with their surroundings? 
The questions are the same when we create architecture to be built in Greenland, but there is a big difference in the experiences we gather in a Greenlandic context. For the same reason, we really benefit from the close connection to Greenland through numerous projects both past and present.

"We are constantly building up new knowledge in cooperation with our Greenlandic contractors and partners on specific projects. Together we select and develop the best solutions for creating sustainable architecture that fits into the Greenlandic landscape and society in a visionary way," explains Janina Zerbe.

Creative partner Janina Zerbe

Do you need advice on a Greenlandic construction project?

We have extensive experience architecture adapted to an Arctic climate and are currently working on several large and small projects in Greenland, such as a large new schooland restaurant and a swimming pool project. Please contact us for a no-obligation discussion about your Greenlandic construction project, at any stage. Creative partner Janina Zerbe are regularly in Greenland and also like to meet in Nuuk or Sisimiut.