The task of the generic children's institution was to find a building concept that could be architecturally and functionally placed on 3 different sites in and around Nuuk. The generic children's institution in Nuuk is therefore based on a building volume that must be able to fit into very different contexts - from dense city to open landscape.

The vision is to create a building whose design speaks to rocks, hills and snowy landscapes, and which can be a natural part of a landscape - wherever it is placed in the city.

The geometry of the institution appears as two volumes with a steep roof pitch that are "pushed" into each other, creating a design language with sloping surfaces that blend naturally into the Greenlandic topography. The meeting of the two volumes naturally creates an inspiring spatiality in the centre of the building, where the common room is placed as the unifying heart of the building. With high ceilings and views of the surrounding landscape, the common room spans the entire expanse of the building, linking the two parts in a beautiful and functional way. It has a high degree of flexibility and allows for many different layouts and activities.

The group rooms are located at the two outer points of the building with visual contact to the surrounding landscape. The two exposed ends of the building naturally form a defined outdoor space for the children's groups, creating a small play area in continuation of the group rooms.

The project is 1,100 m2.