The Crown City Centre seen from above

Holistic approach focusing on users and the urban context

"It's a pleasure to work with a visionary developer like NREP, who not only thinks about concrete functions and short-term economics, but can see the value in a holistic approach, where, among other things, investments are made in playgrounds and outdoor spaces and other functions are considered than in a classic shopping centre. The users and the urban context are crucial for Kronen's success, which is why they are the natural focal point of the redevelopment," says Janina Zerbe, creative partner responsible for the project at KHR Architecture.

The crown in Vanløse seen from Apollovej

The ambition is to create a city centre for the citizens of Vanløse

NREP's desire is to develop Kronen into a natural gathering place in Vanløse rather than competing with large shopping malls.

- Our ambition is to create a city centre that Vanløse residents want to engage with. This means that we must create good and exciting offers so that citizens have a number of reasons to visit and stay at Kronen, says Rasmus Meyhoff, Development Director at NREP, in a press release.

The green Metro Square in Vanløse

It's about creating a good flow and space to settle

- Basically, it's about creating a combination of natural flow, relevant features and spaces where people want to settle. The Crown today has many qualities, but it closes in on itself and there is no obvious traffic to the shops on the first floor, says Janina Zerbe, creative partner at architectural firm KHR Architecture.

- This will be changed by opening up the facades and creating a versatile outdoor recreation area on the south-facing, raised terrace of Metro Square, where we have a strong focus on promoting the green element and creating a meeting place in the city that has something to offer regardless of age and interests.

Metrotorv and housing in Vanløse

The new Metro Square could be ready next year

The current project proposal depends partly on a revised local plan, but construction is expected to start in the autumn, so the new terrace on Metro Square can be ready by spring 2023.  

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