Mikkel Beedholm and Detert Renner at ABL foundation stone laying - Copyright HOWOGE - Photographer Harry Schnitger
Mikkel Beedholm and Detert Renner at ABL foundation stone laying - Copyright HOWOGE - Photographer Harry Schnitger

A school of great importance to the local community

Director Detert Renner from Renner Architekten, creative director and partner Mikkel Beedholm from KHR Architecture and landscape architect Benjamin Boye were on hand to celebrate this milestone for the joint project.

"Standing here in Lichtenberg, where gentrification has yet to hit Berlin, you can really feel the difference this new school can make to the lives of so many people. Not only the children and young people who will be attending the school on a daily basis, but also the many sports clubs and associations that will be using the school as a base. We talk a lot about social sustainability at the moment, and Am Breiten Luch is a very fine example; but in essence it is the essence of architecture - to make a positive difference to people through the spaces we help to create.

The school has been designed so that the sports hall, with its six sections, music room and communal areas, can be made accessible to the public after school, thus making the school a cultural haven - in addition to being a fantastic educational setting for the children in the area," explains Mikkel Beedholm.

HOWOGE director Ulrich Schiller at the foundation stone laying ceremony Am Breiten Luch - HOWOGE_Schnitger
HOWOGE laying of the foundation stone for a school building , Am Breiten Luch 3 Neu-Hohenschönhausen, Berlin, Germany

Architectural solution that makes the most of the site

"At Am Breiten Luch we are dealing with a very challenging place. The site is relatively small, noisy and has a sewage pressure pipe that cannot be built over. By placing the buildings in a smart way, we have been able to utilise the site in such a way that the school building can accommodate a large number of pupils and still have plenty of space for modern pedagogy."

- Ulrik Schiller, Director of HOWOGE, the developer of Schule Am Breiten Luch, in a press release.

Alexander Slotty at the HOWOGE foundation stone laying ceremony for the school Am Breiten Luch 3 in Berlin - Copyright HOWOGE - Photographer Harry Schnitger

Modern school of high quality

"Today's foundation stone laying shows once again that we are working together successfully to build modern, high-quality schools for Berlin and its districts. This will be a new attractive school building and another milestone in Berlin's school building offensive for Lichtenberg. With this measure, we are securing the supply of school places in Neu-Hohenschönhausen. HOWOGE is building the new integrated secondary school in accordance with the subject principle, with separate learning and team houses in the building and additional classrooms. Green outdoor facilities are planned for the site - with an outdoor cafeteria area, a work yard and a stage. The new school will be an attractive place for the school community and a centre of attraction for the surrounding sports clubs."

- State Secretary Alexander Slotty in a press release.

Copyright HOWOGE - Photographer Harry Schnitger

School at the Broad Reed
A visualisation of Schule am Breiten Luch, due for completion in summer 2025.

Attractive Scandinavian school architecture

In our work in the German market, we generally encounter a lot of interest in our way of designing schools. Partly because we work from a Scandinavian pedagogical basis, which the Germans are inspired by, and partly because we have a strong focus on the different user groups and their needs.

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