Throughout the project, the clear design intentions have been maintained despite extensive adaptations and extensions. Among other things, the overall construction project at Bispebjerg is expected to be completed about a year earlier and the new Acute Care Centre will have 100 more outpatient rooms. This will make the total building approximately 75,000 sqm after the addition of approximately 6,800 sqm, which will primarily contain outpatient clinics.

Regional Council member Lars Gaardhøj (A), chairman of the political monitoring group for New Hospital and New Psychiatry Bispebjerg, says: "These are skilled planners who have managed to think outside the box and save the region both time and money with a better result in the end. I am delighted that the outpatient clinics in the Acute Centre will provide a much better patient experience."

Right from the competition stage, the project has been robust to change. Indeed, the project's main grip with the heavy functions in the base and patient wards in the bed towers, has been solved by circulating the ambulatory flow around the logistic flow, making the project robust and scalable while optimizing workflows and operations.

We look forward to working with the new Bispebjerg Acuthus.