The view Sct. Hans Forensic Psychiatric Hospital

"The project makes excellent use of the sloping site down towards Roskilde Fjord and ties in stylishly and elegantly with the axial structure of the old hospital."

"By taking advantage of the slope of the terrain, the four sections acquire rhythm and distinctiveness, and the place in general has a friendliness that is contagious and makes the visitor believe in the cliché of "healing architecture"(T)here are no endless corridors or trivial uniform wall surfaces. Everywhere there is variety and good views of the green world outside," writes architecture critic Holger Dahl after his visit to the new Sct. Hans, which was inaugurated in September.

Inside and outside merge in architecture

"You think that such a room is good for troubled minds"

This is how Holger Dahl writes about the large activity garden, which in addition to sports and recreation facilities also contains sensory artworks in bronze. "It's a piece of very successful landscape architecture with great, almost park-like glory value and even a very fine, plain poetic sculpture project by Sophia Kalkau."

Patient room with good light and view

Comfortable and secure bed rooms with healing atmosphere and outlook

The bed rooms at Sct. Hans are designed so that everyone - even bedridden patients - benefits from light and views of nature. At the same time, the décor is warm and homely, despite the extreme security requirements. 

The patients have not yet moved in, but Holger Dahl agrees: "...the bed rooms, which succeed in acting as comfortable spaces while meeting all safety requirements for both inpatients and staff."

The architecture itself forms an outer wall

"Most of the project is both well thought out and well executed and, for this reviewer at least, is further proof of how much can be achieved with consistent and solid architecture."

Holger Dahl thinks the architecture hits the spot with its discreet exterior, its friendly, green interior and its invisible securing of the building:

"KHR has elegantly solved this challenge by building the entire complex over a series of staggered courtyards, which have a large, very well-shaped garden at their common centre."

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