Material innovation at the intersection of architecture, science and art

At KHR Architecture, we are known to enjoy challenging and developing our architectural practice - among other things by rethinking materials and their applications. That's why we are eagerly following our colleague Vicki Thake's project 'RUM - Recycled plastic in an architectural context'.

Until the end of the month, you can see both Vicki's and a host of other exciting projects in the exhibition "Reset Materials - Towards Sustainable Architecture", which explores the future of architecture with new and experimental works made from newly developed or rediscovered local materials.

At the intersection of architecture, art and science, Vicki's project is based on recycling translucent plastic waste from the healthcare sector and production waste. The project is an artistic development in collaboration with photographer Torben Eskerod and fibre artist Grethe Wittrock. The exhibition can be seen from 30/6 - 28/9 2023 at Copenhagen Contemporary - CC and is created in a collaboration between CC and The Architects' Association. The exhibition is supported by Dreyer's Fund and originates from the foundation's project #MATERIALS. 

Read more about how we develop our architectural practice through research, innovation and sustainability focus here.

Photo: Torben Eskerod

Film: Emilie Koefoed @emilie koefoed, Sebastian Kerdil and Claus Lillevang @megetmerefilm