• Wilhelm House and Beckmann Tower - technical due diligence


In connection with Quantum Immobilien AG's purchase of Beckmann' Tower and Wilhelm House in Carlsberg City, KHR Architectures acted as technical advisor. The client consultancy included a review of structural, mechanical and electrical systems as well as an assessment of the environmental impact and sustainability of the property. The results of the technical due diligence helped confirm the quality and sustainability of the property and contributed to Quantum's decision to invest in the property. The project is a great example of the peace of mind that an efficient but thorough technical evaluation can bring to complex property transactions.

Quantum Immobilien AG
40 000 ㎡
Technical due diligence

The purpose of this due diligence:

  • Review available documentation and perform data checks, including relevant official documents such as zoning plans and technical documents regarding the building's structure, mechanical and electrical systems, etc.
  • Confirm compliance of all aspects of the property with existing regulations and legislation, including district plans, and comment on any anticipated issues.
  • Review technical project material, including structural and technical installations.
  • Conduct an environmental assessment of the property, including reviewing existing environmental reports and official documentation.
  • Confirm the suitability of all technical aspects of the property in relation to the functional requirements.
  • Develop a 10-year maintenance budget (OPEX) based on best practice conditions (DKK/m²/year), taking into account the complexity, remaining lifespan and current condition of the building.

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