The design of the new A-wing extension at Tromsø University Hospital is based on the landscape and climatic conditions north of the Arctic Circle. At the same time, the extension creates space for new facilities and restructuring of the overall facility.

University Hospital of Northern Norway
6000 ㎡
Passive House
PKA Architects, Studio 4 Architects
Programming, design, ICT performance, project development with sustainable approaches, healing architecture and accessibility

Landscape and climate as a starting point for construction

The aim of the outline project is to organise the first phase of the expansion and refurbishment and to define a long-term strategy for the development of UNN Tromsø as a regional and university hospital in a 10-year perspective.

The dramatic landscape, the climatic conditions and the great differences over the year north of the Arctic Circle are the starting point the design.

The project covers approximately 15,000 m².

With new expansion, new facilities are added and necessary restructuring is resolved

The expansion of the new A-wing at the University Hospital in Tromsø adds necessary new treatment facilities; and just as important, the expansion solves a necessary restructuring of the total plant.

The new wing includes new areas for outpatient clinics, day surgery and laboratory facilities, which are the basis for a reorganisation of operations and organisation.

"It has been particularly important that the facade design takes into account the alternation between the sparse daylight in the winter months and the bright summer months."

Peter Nielsen, Head of Building Consultancy, KHR Architecture



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