The new Porsgrunn swimming and sports arena has been developed as part of Porsgrunn Municipality's to improve and increase access to swimming and sports facilities for school classes, sports clubs and citizens in the municipality. KHR, together with the local design firm Børve and Bochsenius, has assisted Porsgrunn Municipality with an upgrade of the existing Freshwater Centre in Kjølnes.

Porsgrunn Municipality
DKK 165 M

The main architectural design integrates the two new functions with the existing buildings.

The existing entrance situation is maintained with the main entrance in the high ceilinged foyer of the old Frisklivssenter. Here is the café, reception, ticket office and you can glimpse life in the swimming pool through the large glass windows on the first floor.
The covered outdoor areas can be used as places to stay, to be active and to gather for those who use the hall, the grass outside or the campus environment as a whole. The building's composite glass facades emphasise the form in a futuristic look, which at the same time provides an exciting vibrant facade that reflects light differently and patinas beautifully.

The extension of the Porsgrunn swimming and sports hall integrates new buildings and functions with the existing building. This creates a unified area for physical activity.

The centre already includes a swimming pool, a sports hall and various other sports facilities such as wrestling and shooting. The centre is located in a "campus area" on the outskirts of Porsgrunn, where the town meets the fields and surrounding forests. The area is characterised by large-scale buildings and the centre is adjacent to two schools and a college.


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