KHR has contributed with competition proposals for residential development in Larvik. The town is beautifully surrounded by the fjord and located between forest and mountains, and everywhere you feel the close relationship between town and nature. Nanset School, located in the residential area, close to the recreation area around Månejord, has been closed and housing and a playground for local children and young people will be built on the site.


Living facade

The buildings have a living facade. The tactile surface of the wood patinas beautifully, and the green garden spaces create an inviting setting for both privacy and community. The gables of the buildings, in combination with the angled facades, will add identity and unique spatial experiences for the residents. The villas interact with the garden space to create an expression that is unique to this site, tying the whole building together and creating a solid architectural expression.


Daylight and green areas

The housing units are grouped in large villas with three or four dwellings on each floor. Each villa is built on three floors and a total of 72 dwellings are being built. Unique to each villa is that all residences receive daylight from three sides and have a direct relationship with green garden rooms on several sides. The difference between exterior and interior is dissolved in the large light windows, so that the home is experienced as large and bright, and in connection with the green garden spaces.


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