KHR's design for the exhibition Dream of the 20th Century showed all kinds of objects from the entire 20th century in a cultural history exhibition about dream and reality over the past 100 years.

The National Museum
1500 ㎡

Dreams and reality

Optimism and positive expectations for the new century
also the visions, ideas and aspirations for the 20th century put forward around 1900 by three great Danish writers: Georg Brandes, Johannes V. Jensen and Martin Andersen Nexø. The museum's exhibition was based on the visions of these three writers. The authors' different dreams and interests were laid out as tracks in the exhibition, where themes such as race, technology, consumption, the environment, the labour movement, women's liberation and sexuality could be followed through the century. It portrayed how dreams broke with reality. Some dreams came true, others changed or broke down, and new dreams and aspirations emerged over the century


The spirit of society at the turn of the century was one of progress and optimism. The belief in progress was a common feature of the dominant political ideologies, such as liberalism and socialism, and it also underpinned most of the debate on cultural criticism.

The exhibition closed the 20th century with a firework display of stories about cultural and social events that spanned the century from start to finish.



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