KHR architecture extended and renovated the old stage of the Royal Theatre in the late 80s by establishing upgraded dressing rooms, staff offices, ballet training rooms as well as backstage, painting and tailoring rooms in a new intermediate building.

The Royal Theatre
5100 ㎡

"We want to emphasise the importance of architecture in everyday life and clarify the intentions behind our architecture - in this place where the artists who populate the building are the biggest part of the experience of the place."

Mikkel Beedholm, Partner and Architect MAA, KHR Architecture


"The rebuilding took place as an erosion of the existing urban buildings along Holmens Canal up to Holbergsgade. The beautiful facade section facing Holmens Kanal penetrates the old facades and is experienced in the historical shell alone, as a witness to the project's existence as a large culturally inclusive workshop space between Tordenskjoldsgade and Holmens Kanal."

Jan Søndergaard, Professor & Architect, KHR Architecture




The architecture with focus on the physical elements, where volume, spatiality, materiality and building details create the appearance of the architecture

The extension has skylights and double-height spaces, and these "spaces" capture the light so that the established rest and lounge areas are usable and inviting for meetings, training and breaks.


The physical character of architecture sets the scene for the people who use it and the atmospheres that arise when the space is occupied and used.




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