The Russian composites company ApATeCH, located in Dubna 125 km north of Moscow, has started a cooperation with KHR Architects to build a new headquarters. ApATeCH is one of many Russian companies that, in the wake of a strengthened Russian economy, have been given the opportunity to build state-of-the-art Western-inspired buildings.


Free view and free visual contact

The spaces are organised around a large community with free visual contact between all functions and with unobstructed views of the surrounding landscape. The administrative areas are located in the north, while all common areas are organised around the south-facing facade towards the canteen and outdoor recreation. All representative areas are connected to the boulevard in the east, while the service related functions are connected to the layout in the west.

Design with contrast in the landscape

In designing the sketch project for ApATeCH's new headquarters, KHR Architects took inspiration from the unique Russian landscape and the special atmosphere of the area. At the same time, it was kept in mind that the building should be a state-of-the-art and future-proof industrial building. The building appears as a natural part of the landscape without compromising on functionality.


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