POE of Sct. New Forensic Psychiatry

By focusing on the tension between intention and reality, a new thesis will examine whether the intentions behind the architecture and design of Sct. Hans translate into practice in the everyday lives of staff and patients at the forensic psychiatric centre.

Methodologically, the study will take the form of a Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE), which is an evaluation of the architecture after it has been put into use, and which provides insight into whether the building functions and is experienced as intended. The thesis will be based on qualitative methods, as the focus is also to explore how this type of study can contribute to the work on social sustainability.

Social sustainability is one of KHR Architecture's particular focus areas and in the design of Sct. Hans, there has been a great focus on creating spaces that provide well-being and security among patients and staff in psychiatry. Through a post-occupancy evaluation of the architecture, the design firm will gain better insight into whether the healing architecture is working as intended.

Academic studies can strengthen the practice of architecture

Special student Thea Yde Kielberg, who studies Pedagogy at the University of Copenhagen, has specialised in architecture, space and spatiality, explains the project:

"I want to investigate whether the values that Sct. Hans is based on is expressed in the architecture and the way patients and employees experience and use it. You could say that they are the experience experts and that the industry owes it to itself to use their knowledge and experiences to become even better at creating architecture for the Danish healthcare system."

"At the same time, I hope this study will raise awareness of the value of linking architectural practice with academic studies that systematically gather knowledge that can benefit future buildings." 

Creative Director Mikkel Beedholm fa KHR Architecture follows Thea's post occupancy evaluation with great interest:

"We always try to get feedback from the users of our buildings, but unfortunately it is rare that the client prioritises a proper POE of the building. For the same reason, I am really happy that through a good collaboration with Sct. Hans and Thea, we are now gathering knowledge about Sct. Hansa on a more scientific and thorough basis. This will give us insights that can benefit both Sct. Hans and future projects and users."

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